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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #44

    Very dope round
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    Speed up your music production by using a workflow

    That graphic is interesting but i cant see it well.Do you have it in a better solution?
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    John Klemmer - "Sometimes"

    Nice work everybody
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    Showcase - November 19-25, 2018

    okay i will start then.Wish you all a good week!
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    Warzone Beat Battle - November 16-17, 2018

    Good luck to all!
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #26

    @ArvinArmani Thanks man.But why you dont mix your beat?
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #25

    Good work!
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    Showcase - October 22-28, 2018

    @JustinTymeBeatz nice oldschool flava here @FlyyTone Your Tape is very dope.Clean and quality.I like the vibe as well. I have made a remix from "das efx -mic master"
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #21

    @DEEZ BEATZ you take it personal. Who underestimated your skills? I dont know what you mean with tags. Was it an allusion to me? @Fade promote our beats..thats an argument.
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #21

    Congrats to @DEEZ BEATZ But maybe this contest should also be anonymous like the others. Dont get me wrong.It is a dope beat and a deserved winner but it could be an advantage with known members. Any opinions?
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    Showcase - October 15-21, 2018

    @csbr I like the smooth sound.But i think the drums are a bit too loud.Its just my opinion.Besides that..i like your mix and appreciate your creative drums. @Alejandro @Memento Beats He said everything.Velocity and groove.Stay hungry to become better.Thats most important. @Memento Beats I like...
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    Beat This! - October 10-11, 2018

    good theme and good luck
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    Hello :)


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