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Hello, Guys New Here

So one thing i have been noticing a-lot of people even though i am by no means a world class producer is people are asking me a-lot about how i make my music and how am i writing it so fast Im dying to show people so what better way then joining all kinds of forums. it does not matter what DAW you use its the same thing across all platforms!!

What are some of the things you guys do to write music as fast as possible?

Me i lay down a foundation first.

So Kick pattern, Snare pattern, Clap, hit hat ect ect,, start with simple melody then have them laid one measure in front of you then guess what copy paste lol then go back and start deleting stuff to give the song structure don't be afraid to use a filters for the melody once you have a foundation start adding effects and samples and also don,t go crazy with mixing just yet start with an eq and volume and you will be on your first step to becoming a g.

I write mix and master hip hop in 10 minutes or less can be applied to dance music but will more or so take an hour.


10 mins? You must be on something. Music is a marathon not a dash.

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