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Drago Zetić

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Wow... incredible stuff right there! Much more compelling than the X and Live, in my opinion - about time someone came out with a real life step sequencer controller - pretty sure this is the first such controller.

By the way, the FL Fruity Fire Edition included is just the same as the regular Fruity Edition, but you unlock it by connecting the Fire to your PC.


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The thing is, I think it's great that Akai is making this for FL. But - like the Push, it seems they're more concerned with step sequencing and stuff like that rather than a traditional 16-pad setup. I've always wanted something simple with 16 pads that would work with most DAWs. There's some out there like the Akai MPD line but the latest ones apparently have "ghost notes" which sucks.

But for this controller, I'd like to see someone make a beat from scratch in FL Studio.

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