Week of July 10, 2007

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Warzone Beat Battle


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What if I combine all the prior sample flips and this one into one big flippy flip?
I have yet to do this in one of these threads..I just end up reviewing...Ill try and do somthing this time, its open for like a month..And Iceman I need to pm you I got some songs that could get flipped..
drama boi - lovin this flip man , low g thinks that the chops are too short but i thought thats how they would sound on a joint like this , nevertherless good work man

low g - good flip overall, likin the powerful kicks man

Low G

*** ill o.g. ***
lol sometimes it takes days for this to fill up... just gotta have patience ppl get to it when they get to it.

Low G

*** ill o.g. ***
This sample was pretty dope tho so I'm sure there will be a few entries when it's all over.


Pressure Makes Diamonds
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nice flips, i probably shouldvn't listened before i actually start mine lol.

drama, the chops were a little short even with the slight reverb but the way they were laid out was real nice. something to bring them all together like low said would help, maybe a synth/string/independant bassline or something, but still real nice.

i liked the middle part with the vocals low g, that was pretty nice, i wish i had thought of that. the beginning is alright, but i loved it when the vocals do kick in


Battle Points:
ok....I got it to play.

I think the claps need to be tighter. The off beatness of them didn't flow well for me. Your blend was pretty good. There is so much of that sample that can be used. You nor Low used enough of it in my opinion. I guess it's just diff't strokes for diff't folks. I chop'd so much of it that I couldn't make up my mind as to what to use. That makes it a hott sample IMO.
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