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Warzone Beat Battle


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@Klypse I love the electric piano you used in this beat sounds smooth. I didn't care for the drums as much and I thought the beat would build a little more but other than that sounds good bro.
Just made this one this morning

Marc Duncan

The Black Man
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Mellow is definitely the word to use for the beat, the way the melody goes is insane, love it
This acually goes hard, especially the drums, old school never gets old does it lol.
@Klypse I love the electric piano you used in this beat sounds smooth. I didn't care for the drums as much and I thought the beat would build a little more but other than that sounds good bro.
Just made this one this morning
The out-of-tune drums is growing on me, it fits well with the sample much better than I thought, great beat.

I have three this time, hope you like.


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@Klypse damn, that bass is so awesome. Nothing can bring out so much emotion as a good bassline. Mellow and deep. I love it.
@Kod4R It's very nice and very effective. Great job. I would put more snap in the snare tho. But nevertheless, I was head nodding big time :)
@Marc Duncan I must say you make most quality beats in this entire community. IMO. they are very clean, pro sounding beats. As for the creative part, I don't know. I'm not captivated by your beats but hey that's me. Anyway good work man.
@Feel simple and sweet, although there's that feeling that something's missing but not sure what. Didn't hear that much of a bassline there. All in all a nice beat.

ok and here's my take, I kept it pretty simple with some pads and vocals;
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Yeah, I didnt add a bass on that one. Chopped up the sample and laced the drums.
Here's one i just uploaded. What do you guys think?


Space Diggin..
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@Matt-D I dig this one right here. I like the filter effect on the vocals. GJ
@Marc Duncan I like all 3 of your beats. The first one was the best one and it bangs good
@Feel I like the 2nd beat you did. It has a old school vibe in it
@oninkaf it feels like I'm watching a commercial or a documentary. This beat is crazy dope. I like how the vocals are not loud but yet not soft at the same time. Its sauce...Good Job


Autism Dad, I Use FL Studio
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good afternoon, its a hot day in Virginia, my stomach hurts a little bit from smoking pot and not eating anything fuck it though...i have a trap style beat to show everyone today, before i share that let me peep out some of your beats

@Klypse first nice picture choice to go with the beat i feel that same type of way, like driving in a summer breezy day, nice chops and i like the jazzy type of bass in this, went old school on em with this one...simple is better in this case and you made a very cool sounding smooth beat my only complant is that its too short i was curious to see what you were going to do to close this beat out in the second verse
@Kod4R skipped
@Matt-D wow amazing intro that was clever...i like the drum sounds but idk if the timing is off or its just the way the high sounds in the snare thats throwing me this is about 2 or 3 moves away from being a serious banger...what it needs is a little swing and a filter here or there but this is something id listen to on the reg...
@Marc Duncan im only listening to 1 gotta keep it fair, i picked the beat with the lion, i like what i hear but not in love with that vocal sample or that lex rise effect, this was composed well but the music could use some tension notes at the end here and there to give it that street feel, i like the transitions you did but those efx are played out that hit section half way thru was pretty serious...nice job there...
@Feel skipped
@oninkaf beautifully made, im a big fan of electronic music, this was very beautifully made i love the mellow life in this...your obviously an electronic producer...kudos to you my friend...cant even say nothing else this was awesome sounding

fyi...i only skip producers who dont atleast comment on someone elses work...

my beat today was made with FL STUDIO 10, yea, its Trap, but i always try to put a little dash of my own style in my beats, especially trap

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>


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@Chef M!KE DB ok, so that was really something else. That snare is a fucking killer. One thing I kinda dislike are those generic keys well known in trap in general. I would experiment some more with the main melody. But overall very nice, very nice :)

Just crossed my mind..Maybe to put some kind of guitar riff for the main melody. To pull a kind of a rock sound.
Im thinking it would fit nicely with the rest.


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@Klypse i dont know if i felt like nas in qb in 93 or cole starin out the window of 2014 forest hills drive.. shit super nice, wverything about it!

@Kod4R thats some straight wu tang fire, love the boom bap and the samples are phenominal

@Matt-D i like the sample flip from the intro but the drums seem off

@Marc Duncan that third one i like best, i like the cool ambient feel, nicely done, not a huge fan or trap drums myself but it def rides

@Feel u gotta review not just post mayne

@oninkaf the pads and vocals blend nice!

@Chef M!KE DB love the simplicity of the perc, guitar riff is wicked

Heres mine



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@Klypse that's great beat bro..
@Matt-D the sample is great, but you needed to make better rhytm with those drums :)
@Feel you posted some great beats here man.. i like them..
@oninkaf bro, i dont say that you're bad in making trap (i dont like trap), but you are better in the boom bop beats :p

and for the end.. @dBtheProducer man, i haven't commented because i posted second in this showcase, so i waited for more beats to come here.. :) hope you wont get me wrong :D
@Klypse this is a really nice groove, great vibess!

@Marc Duncan the mix on your beats are clean af. all three were dope, my fave hands down though was the second..but maybe use less snaps, it kinda felt like a lot but thats just my opinion

@dBtheProducer the buildup to that beat drop was life! I'm trying to have my drums hit that hard

here's one from me


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@jvsmine hey, first of all welcome to the ILL.
This beat here is very nice, I love those violins/strings or whatever. Your drums are very on point, snares interchange very nicely and that piano in the 3rd part of the beat took me by a very nice surprise. Keep up the good work


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@Ares please first provide feedback on other people's work. Its the whole point of this thread, but as long as I'm writing I'll give mine to you; overall atmosphere is allright but it is kinda monotonous and there's not much going on there. Expand your melodies or at least add some effects or vocal snippets and a few change -ups. Keep doing what youre doing and study beat construction. Peace
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