Sample Flip! - Indiana Jones - "Theme Song"


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I've been listening to this Indiana Jones song for a week dissecting the beat. I will have a finished product by the a.m.. Sample will be flipped like gymnastics.

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Overall very creative flips im hearing...

@S3oulC1ty: banger once again! nice flip and the drums are the shit again. u gotta hook me up with some tips on your drum game:) nice bassline and overall mix. that quincy jones type sfx also fits very nicely. are those layered horns near the end also part of the song?

@DJ-PAR-K: really nice way of using the sample. creative flip. drums fit nicely but the mix could use a bit more polish imo. i like u using some of the films audio, i did that aswell :)

@oninkaf: is that even hip-hop :p also a nice way of playing with that sample. i like the voc synths and that additional string bit is very good. not really my type of beat nevertheless good job!

@Samply Charish: also nice job. very good mix and creative use of the sample. i like how the drums sound soft yet hit pretty hard:)

@A.R. DASUPASTAR: finally someone that included the main melody:) dope u chopped the shit out of the song!:D i really don't like that voc sample and the stiff drum pattern but i gotta give u mad props for that flip.

@Klypse: also very nice flip. the bassline does not feel very harmonic imo but overall solid beat. u guys really grinded the sample. i know its not easy coming up with melodys out of such tiny sample bits. used to do that a lot early on aswell:)

@Mike Free Music: i get a similar feel as from s3oulcitys beat. sounds very polished. dope flip and drumtrack. that 808 bass along the break sounds nice! i feel like the bassline doesnt sit well but still its a sick beat!

i'll drop mine l8er. still cutting up a video for it...

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