Roland SP-606 Review: More Than A Sampling Workstation


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I think that's a nice piece right there especially with the added software. Roland is coming on strong!!!

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''The BPM Sync option lets you set a native BPM (beats per minute) for audio loops. Once you've set this, loops will automatically stretch to follow tempo changes, without changing the pitch. The results are good for small to medium tempo shifts, and get weird (or interesting, depending on your perspective) with larger ones.'' why cant the mpc1k have that :( it woulda costed like 50 cents more per unit

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Fuck! i love roland! and 15 days till i cop me a fantom X8! can i get a YAAAYY!


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It looks cool, but I would give it a run once it gets in stores still. Roland isn't really known for its pads. Those look like Fantom pads. I have a Fanton-S88 and those pads are not cool. Lots of double hits and hiccups. Sound specs though. I prefer my 4000's pads over those light up ones any day, you hit 'em, they pound.

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Actually, they made up for that on the MV 8000. Pads feel just as good as the MPC. They may have even stolen the recipe. lol


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does anyone on here actually has sp 606? I wonder if it has overdub fucntion cuz i think it doesnt. If anybody uses sp 606 - holla.
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