My experience with so called hip hop girls (hella funny text)

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( if there is any doubt as to my gender, being that my name is kari,

my full name is Kari Jamil Orr and yes i am a proud member of the male


My experience with so called hip hop girls

1. There was Beverly - turns out she is strictly on the beat tip and

could care less what they are saying.

K - "who's your favorite rapper?"

beverly "nas"

Kari (immediately impressed, for at one time, Nas was my favorite rapper)

"what do you like about him"

Beverly -"he has the best beats"

2. There was Beth - not just a regular hip hop groupie, THE hip hop

groupie. either way she was a beat head if i could even go that far.

K- "what cd's you got in the car"

Beth "here look through my folder"

K (i only see raekwon out of 60 cd's)

3. Alexa - not a hip hop head at all is what i realized, just another girl

at a concert.

Kari working at the Jester Snack Bar frying burgers

Kari " So what's your name"

Alexa "Alexa"

Kari "your friend tells me you like hip hop"

Alexa "it's all i listen to"

So where out on the first date, rolls up with digable's blow out comb.

look through the tapes, de la soul, tribe, the pharcyde, not another one

i think this is the worst type, because they listen to good hip hop

but really have no idea what's good about it. another person who doesn't

think about what they are listening to. oh and to think she was going

to steal my records, but she thought it was my partners. as if stealing

from my friend somehow lessens the crime.

4. maria? - what girls will tell you to push up on you,

"make me a tape, strictly east coast"

cool i make the tape, put a good 4 hours into a 90 minute pause tape.

she never gets it from me.

Kari _ "yo, the Roots are playing at Catfish station, do you want to go?"

Maria " Naw, me and my friends are going to have a party at this ranch

with plenty of jungle juice"

kari thinks for a split second, cute drunk girl who already wants me vs

the roots.

Kari - "well i tell you about the concert monday"

turns out to be the best concert i've ever been to.

5. Margo

margo - "what do you mean you don't like freestyle fellowship"

kari - "i just can't get with it"

margo "what about keith murray"

Kari thinks this girl has potential.

summer rolls up, kari visits margo. margo is wearing daisy dukes and

showing off a frame that he didn't she had. Damn she's hella fine

Margo "kari meet my boyfriend"

6. leshaunda

L -"yo, you looking kinda cute"

k" you not to bad yourself"

L - "here take my number "

kari intrigued, hasn't gone out with anyone the whole summer

the first and last call

K - "so what's up baby"

L - "i've got the cramps"

K - (trying to not go any more into that area)

L - "you know oral sex usually gets rid of the cramps, but i don't


Well folks before it gets to x-rated, i didn't talk to her


7. Vivian

hop into the car to go see Dead presidents with her and her friends,

and of her own volition pops in her copy of illmatic.

starts kicking lyrics memorized from listening a lot, then i realize

she's doing it too. well kari puts the mack on, and we were going out

for almost a year until last night.

Hip hop girls, they don't exist. hip hop girls i don't need them,

all of the girls into hip hop because they want to be in hip hop not

because of all the cute guys, or to get paid, or to be seen...

Just give me a girl into RnB and hates hip hop. Believe me, i don't

want to convert anyone, and i will learn to enjoy a little RnB, provided

that the R kelly is just background for what's really going on.


house of really lonely now that i'm single after this long

time i get to hang out with my soldiers after selling my

soul to a woman phat beats

i have yet to meet a Makeba, or a Mahogany, but i know that girl

that Common was talking about


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Word that is some funny stuff right there. Indeed finding a female that listens to hip-hop for lyrics, flow, vocal tone, concept, etc, as well as the beat is like finding a four-leaf clover. An R&B chick is good enough, being that I love R&B and Soul also so that is the middle ground. But I would love for my girl to turn to me and say something like "did you hear dude from the Young Gunz use Eminems flow on that new joint they have with Hov?" I can't complain tho, my wifey does suprise me from time to time. Plus she's an old soul so she helps with my diggin' :cheeky:


none of Y.G.D.B
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damn wings maybe its the profile pic dat makes peeps think you's a female lol yeah your best bet is messin wit a gurl dat ain't into hip hop


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Hey as long the girls got the c's, can cook, can clean - take damn good care of herself - i am alright, but even though its only a fantasy, it would be nice to have a girl that rocks like that wings, but we're talking bout a needle looking a haystack right.........

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haha funny shit.

my tactic is to find a chick who is not into HipHop (but who doesnt hate it) and make her like it. ima manufacture my own b-girl. lol

i cant believe you dont dig Freestyle Fellowship Wings.


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mayne i thought u wrote dat,lol. for me i wudnt really care wat she listened 2, but if we was feelin da same genre, dat'd b even cooler. but if she made beats den dat'd b a dream! come tru


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my tactic is to find a chick who is not into HipHop (but who doesnt hate it) and make her like it. ima manufacture my own b-girl. lol
Haha! thats pretty much exactly what i did with my chick and now shes cultured as hell...LOL. Im kinda stoked it worked out that way cuz if she really was into rap music from tha git. i probably would have hated everything in her music collection....So since i influenced alot of her choices since i rubbed off on her a little, she actually likes a lot of dope music....Which im proud to say i helped influence.:D