MPC5000 update during NAMM?


word on the mpc forums is that Akai wrote on twitter about some kind of update for the MPC5000 that will be uncovered during NAMM


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ha ha, well I believe it will be an OS update so there would be no point of photos. On that note however, Relic as much as I hate to say it, the MPC studio may be a better fit for you than Maschine as it can load your old 2500 files. Now, I still see Maschine as the stronger player overall, because NI knows software and sound ware much better than Akai.


apparently Akai hired a bunch of new programmers expressly for the MPC line. they said they want to give continual support to the software (I guess they were talking about the Reinessance, but it seems that they have been working on the MPC5000 as well as I've already said).

I'm the first who lost quite a bit of faith in Akai during the years, but we have to take into account that they have been taking a few steps in new directions in the last months with new product lines.
Maybe they really are trying to get back in the game with style.

I still wonder if they did what's most important: listen to their user base.


would you believe it? someone of Akai took his time to answer!
he is on the mpc forum on his own time, and some of us are taking advantage of this opportunity to ask him questions and suggesting some thing for the Ren.

about the (in)famous update:

"Hi, sure, I can answer this question for you.

I'd like to release a 5000 update. I know there are issues that were found on the forum, and we want to address them. the issue right now is resources. we're working on compiling the issues and compiling fixes at this moment, but unfortunately, I can't say when this release will be available. As a personal goal, I'd like to see the MPC5000 OS released before the Renaissance hits the shelves, but this isnt something we can promise. thanks for your understanding. Please know, supporting the 5000 is a priority for us, and it will happen."