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Everytime I go in a music store Sam Ash to be Exact I always see a big price tag on these Kurtzwell Keyboard....I just want to know if anyone has ever worked with these....I know when i went on a visit to Full Sail in their production set up room they had Kurtzwell keyboards.I didn't pay much attention to them because they had at every station the same thing mpc2000xl akai s3000 a roland keyboard and a computer with pro tools at every station...there was about 15(more or less) stations like this in one big roomI'm off topic but is the kurtzwell worth the price and is it a better board than the triton and motif ?If anyone knows please let me know


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A friend of mine has one, it is a really hard synth to work with. I don't know why they cost so much: they're a pain to program, they're big and klunky, and they have all sorts of features I would never use.

I think it costs so much because of all the nice added features it comes with, like all those outputs, weighted keys, integrated sampler, etc. I know a few people who swear by them, they claim that a lot of their acoustic samples are the best in the industry because of the amount of detail used to capture the sounds and the architecture.

I personally feel that they are the Rolls Royce of synths, nice to have but way over priced.

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