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Gibson & Shure news

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    Oct 1, 2001
    This is last week's news, but I forgot to post about it.

    It's important because Gibson had bought a few other companies, including KRK and Stanton. So right now no one knows what will happen with all of their products. I'm thinking of all the beatmakers that own a pair of KRK monitors...

    Shure announced they'll stop making needles. This sucks. :mad: The 447's are the best so I'll have to grab a few more before they're gone. Apparently even though vinyl sales are up, the people buying that vinyl are more collectors than scratch DJ's. :confusedphones:

    They also cut off the Cakewalk brand, which I wasn't happy about either because I've been using their DAW since 97! But now Cakewalk is being offered free from another company.

    So this is a heads up to anyone that is thinking of buying any products from those companies. You can see the list of Gibson-owned companies here.