DJ Babu - The Beat Tape Vol. 1

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    Oct 1, 2001

    SKATEBOARDERS AND PRODUCERS HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. Beyond mohawks and grinds both cultures have seen an increase in popularity in recent times. Often left in the shadows the scene has blown and you would expect those who toiled in obscurity to finally receive their just do only for the limelight to be saturated by bandwagon hoppers attempting to fit in and the occasional ever present money hungry opportunist. In any field hard feelings would be normal but, the true lovers of their craft just continue to work hard. When you're practicing to perfect kick flips and ollies or drum and bass lines, who has time to worry about fame?

    Being a producer in today's game is tough to say the least. For up and comers, prayers for placements go unanswered, calls aren't returned and when something finally goes through you gotta chase your checks. A popular misconception is that when you're already "on", the struggle is over and artist and labels flock to you. DJ Babu is living proof that this is not true. So what is a producer to do when his hard drive is full but his phone ain't ringing? You find another lane to travel in. When you gotta sell beats, you gotta sell beats. Instrumental albums have become increasingly popular as of late. With so much attention being shown to producers today it isn't hard to generate interest when you're an established producer and practically giving away 32 beats for under 20 bucks.

    DJ Babu's position in Hip-Hop is somewhat awkward. He is a legend in the global DJ community and his work on the Left Coast with artist outside of his Dilated home team such as Rasco, Tha Liks, Planet Asia, and Phil da Agony, has earned him a reputation as a talented producer. However, he is still relatively unknown to many in an almost underground, but not-quite-mainstream group that continues to fly under the radar. This silent partner however is a highly respected beat juggler and beat creator with independent releases dating back to 96's "Super Duck Breaks" and many mixtapes before that. In 2007 Babu the producer is out to expand on an already impressive resume which includes DMC West Coast Champ1995, Vestax Team World Champions 1996, ITF Beat Juggling and Scratching Champion 1997, ITF Team World Champions 1997&1998, Four Dilated Peoples albums, Super Duck Breaks Vol.1 and 2, Duck Season Vol's 1 and 2, MTV's 'Direct Effect', BET 'Live' and countless tours.

    "The Beat Tape Volume One" plays like a "Yes or next" session with one of your homies who wants to show off some new tracks. Some are polished some need development, some are brilliant, and some scream next. Babu the DJ begins with an intro which metaphorically speaks for his career as he transitions from the crossfader to the drum machine. Babu breaks the monotony of listening to beats by keepin it short, none of the tracks are any longer than 2 minutes (an industry standard for beat tapes). Overall he showcases diversity with beats that can serve many purposes. Beats like "Bug Guys", "Reggae Rabbitt", "Pimp Shit", "Two in the Dam" and "LaurLee" can be placed on repeat for the cipher, joints like "Dee On", "Why Fair", "Round and Round" and "Head Games" are a perfect fit for MC's with songs in mind, and tracks like "Occult City", "Palms" and "Pill1" keep the vocalist from feeling left out. There are even a few abstract cuts that you can clean your house to. A few familiar samples and some redundant arrangements make for an interesting listen but, these elements are only noticeable to those who study the art. Some of the most interesting material comes between tracks. Extended samples, funny yet appropriate songs ("I can't read notes but I play anything by ear...") and even a hidden sinatra-esqe beat ease the transitions.

    "The Beat Tape Vol 1" is a dope resource for producers on the come up looking for study material, MC's lookin for an alternative to instrumental mixtapes or skateboarders in search of something to ride to. Get your rocks off.


    Score: 5 / 5