Dilla Drum Kit and many more.

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    Aug 15, 2017
    I have many high end drum kits in my arsenal and would like to share the wealth !

    Dilla Edition Drum Kit is a part of our All-Stars Drums series. Kicks, snares, hats, pers,FXs, loops and all kind of high quality sounds made and processed exclusively.


    Hotline Drum Kit WAV
    – 10 808s
    – 10 Chants
    – 10 Claps / 2 Snaps
    – 10 Closed Hats
    – 9 FX / Impacts
    – 10 Kicks
    – 5 Open Hats
    – 10 Percs
    – 10 Snares / 5 Rims
    – 91 Total Sounds


    SYN SOCIETY Drum Kit Vol.1 WAV
    The Kit includes:
    – Sick Drums (808s, Kicks, Snares, Closed / Open Hats etc)
    – Lots of FX
    – Nice Loops and Cuts
    – Good Samples
    – Memphis Chops
    – SUICIDEBOYS Samples
    – Many VOXs to choose from

    Kato Drum Kit Vol.2 WAV

    Kato On The Kit Vol. 2 features 10 brand new custom hi-quality drum loops designed by Funk Volume & SMKA producer, Kato. These loops range from slow, down-south tempo to gritty, high-energy grooves to fit any style of production – a true signature of Kato’s own style. These drums have been used in various Kato-produced records, as well as unreleased production. In addition, the deluxe version of this kit includes full beat stems so you can chop up, sample and re-arrange with complete creative control. All sounds have been meticulously layered, EQ’d, and crafted from Kato’s personal drum collection in hi-quality, 16-bit/44 WAV format. No digital clipping!

    Ferrari Nights Drum Kit WAV
    ‘Ferrari Nights’ is a Exclusive Drumkit 64 exclusive drum sounds from personal sound library. The sounds in the library are at the highest in quality. Everything was arranged, mixed and mastered in a high-end studio environment.


    Nightmare Drum Kit V2
    This drum kit we are giving you has rare samples like his Voxs and all that other weird shit. We also added some custom made wav files that we think you will enjoy such as new custom sounds like 808s, Snares, Claps, FXs and 9 EXP. Today we give you the tools to create beats exactly TM %100.

    C0deine Drum Kit WAV
    Combining contemporary trap drums with dru-gged out sound design the C0deine Drum Kit is going to send you on a trip! Inspired by the sound of Houston the kit comes with all types of 808 drum & bass sounds. Like all other kits the C0deine Drum Kit comes well organised in the following structure: 808, Bass, BD, HH & Cym, HH & Cym Loops, Drum Loops, Percs, SD, Snaps. You will love the innovation that this kit instantly brings to your production. Make sure to check the demo tracks! The idea behind this kit was to take your favorite 808 sounds and processed them artfully. The outcome is an artsy/trippy sounding drum kit which will definitely find it’s way into your favorites. For the sound design we were using distortion, pitching, morphing and other modulating effects.

    The Unknown Drumkit WAV
    If you like Trippy Mallets, Trunk Knocking 808s, & Ungodly Synths then this kit is everything you dream of & more! With over 150 flawless drums & sounds, make it easy to create hit after hit!

    Drum Kit JackU Edition WAV
    Jack U Edition Drum Kit is a part of our All-Stars Drums series. Kicks, snares, hats, pers,FXs, loops and all kind of high quality sounds made and processed exclusively.

    Drum Kit Mustard Edition WAV
    Mustard Edition Drum Kit is a part of our All-Stars Drums series. Kicks, snares, hats, pers,FXs, loops and all kind of high quality sounds made and processed.

    The 80s Edition Drum Kit WAV
    The 80s Edition Drum Kit is a part of our All-Stars Drums series. Kicks, snares, hats, pers,FXs, loops and all kind of high quality sounds made and processed exclusively by Diamond Style Productions team.


    ASD OVO Edition Drum Kit WAV
    OVO Edition Drum Kit is a part of our All-Stars Drums series. Kicks, snares, hats, pers,FXs, loops and all kind of high quality sounds made and processed exclusively by Diamond Style Productions team


    Trapperz Delight Drum Kit WAV MiDi
    rapperz Delight is just that! A delight to have for any producer who makes or wants to make trap beats. This kit has everything you need to produce dope trap beats. You get a really nice sized drum-kit along with a good amount of inspiring loops and samples to get you going. On top of that, there are MIDI files included for drum elements, synth, strings and more. Get going quickly on some fire Trap music with this kit!


    The Sauce Drum kit WAV MiDi
    he Sauce Drum kit WAV. this kit is the nothing but the perfect addition to elevate your Drums. LN is known for his smacking Kicks & 808’s, this Drum-Kit will not fail you. Filled with hard hitting Kicks, top quality snares, hard-hitting 808’s, MIDI, Loops, 808 Mixing Tutorials, & More!


    Trapped In Love Drum Kit Vol.4 WAV
    Trapped In Love: The R&B Trap Drum Kit Vol. IV. It is the last instalment of the very successful Trapped In Love series. Now that the R&B Trap sound is more contemporary than ever before we hook you up with the last kit of the Trapped In Love series. As we’re looking for new inspiration it’s time for us to move on and keep you updated with fresh & new sounds. Make sure you cop the kit and look out what’s coming in the near future.


    OVO Sounds From The 6 II Is Here, Since OVO Sounds From The 6 V1. was a big success its only right we came out with V2. You get radio ready loops and midi so you can run any tempo with this kit. Included is also crazy drums your ears will be thrilled to indulge in. This kit is truly inspired by Drake & The OVO Sound. We had the pleasure of capturing these sounds out of the studio where Drake creates all his hits. What are you waiting for start making that OVO Sound NOW!!!!


    Tommy Vercetti Drum Kit WAV
    This Drum Kit Has EVERYTHING you Need as a Producer. This Drum Kit is LOADED With Sounds Inspried By The GTA Video Game, Vice City. Every Sound Within This Kit is Fully Mixed, Saving You Time to Create Hits!

    Exotic Drumkit WAV
    Dinma’ brings you this kit that contains handpicked exotic sounds by Dinma you can expect to hear Kicks, 808s, Snares, Claps , Unique Voxs & Mixer Presets,etc also includes a awesome sample pack loaded with some dope samples ready to flip. With the 2nd element of the series There are plenty of these soundkits on the net but it is hard to make/find them with the quality of this kit. Dinma is giving you a organised and well put together kit to help spark your creativity instantly.


    ELEVEN The Drum Kit WAV
    ELEVEN‘. This kit was inspired by Netflix’s hit show ‘Stranger Things’. The kit features kicks, snares, 808’s and a few original samples. All sounds cam from SL’s personal library of sounds, also using MiniMoog bass, arps, synthesizers, and many more. Create the next hit TV soundtrack with these drums or get ready to jump right in and start working on your next record.

    Oh GAWD Drumkit WAV
    This drum kit will have you screaming and shouting when you hear these head-snapping 161 custom made one shot .WAV samples That’s over 75 MB of ridiculous drum sounds for modern Hip Hop, R&B and Trap productions. Not to mention 8 sweet bonus loops.

    Pad Thai Vol.4 Drum Kit WAV

    Over 200+ sounds! Compatible on all DAW’s.

    Money Bags Drum Kit WAV
    The brand new ‘Money Bags Drum Kit’ has over 90 dope sounds to choose from! It was recorded, mixed & mastered at highest quality and can be used in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) both Windows & Mac compatible.All individual drum sounds are in WAV 24bit format. You can make any hard hitting trap beats or club bangers with this kit. The beat in the audio demo was made solely with these sounds. Every sound you hear in the beat is in this incredible drum kit!
    • 90 x Drum Sounds
    • 24-Bit WAV format
    • 27 x Percs & Misc
    • 12 x 808s
    • 13 x Hats
    • 10 x Hits
    • 13 x Kicks
    • 21 x Snares & Claps

    10 Fingers Of Def HD Drum Kit WAV
    nnovative and Fresh Sounds ! Welcome to the 10 Fingers of Def HD Drum Kit Collection. Producers this is what you need to add POWER HOUSE Drums to your Productions. The sounds are Phenomenal and ready to inspire your next hit track with realistic and expressive drum samples. Powerful drum sounds deliver the kind of high-quality you’ve come to expect from us with the punch and drive to make your tracks standout.

    This collection is a great addition to your arsenal of sounds at an inexpensive price with superior sound quality and combined with your hardware or software sampler you can manipulate the samples for unique textures. This collection like all of our kits was recorded in a Major Studio with precise articulation using Intelligent transient preservation to increase the level of the drums without a squashed and lifeless boring low db sound.
    Kit Features
    1. 10 Fingers Of Def Kicks
    2. 10 Fingers Of Def High Hats
    3. 10 Fingers Of Def Snares
    4. 10 Fingers Of Def Rides
    5. 10 Fingers Of Def Claps
    6. 10 Fingers Of Def Percussion
    7. 10 Fingers Of Def Crack Sample Chopz
    8. 10 Fingers Of Def Crash
    9. 10 Fingers Of Def Toms
    10. 10 Fingers Of Def Drum Loops

    Chopped Up Vol.1 WAV

    Check out industry record producer new drum kit ‘Chopped Up Vol.1‘ including both Drums and Samples! This kit is designed with high quality custom Sounds and chopped Sampled WAVs! Everything you need to make your next hits record! Become the producer you were meant to be with this kit


    West Coast Cinematics WAV
    Ready To Unleash The Hidden Funk Within You?

    If the funk in you is dormant, Westcoast Cinematics loops WILL surely awaken it once and for ALL. If you’re craving creative inspiration, you’ve found it. It’s unlimited musical motivation for your next creations. From A Funky Beat To A Film Score! Designed by T.V./Film music producer Brett (Traumah) Cleveland. Westcoast Cinematics is packed with feature-film-like super dope theatrical samples and loops ready for You to truncate, chop, flip, and completely go HAM with. Even if you’re vegan. 100 % royalty free so you can use them to make HIGH caliber HOT beats faster that will sell quicker and easier for you – But keep ALL the money for yourself!
    10 construction beat kits
    73 melodic samples (strings, horns, basses, guitars, pads, leads, efx, and MORE!)
    57 ER drum sounds (one shot snares, kicks, hats, percussions.)
    60 + cinematic drum & percussion loops

    MIDI for unlimited flexibility – swap out sounds!
    WAV for universal compatibility – chop, tweak, & stretch em’!

    Use in ANY DAW. Logic, Reason, FL Studio, Ableton, etc.
    Slide these in your Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, & T.V./Film Music Productions.


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    My pleasure i added a Traumah Drums one as well ;)
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