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I'm looking for a contract that specifically outlines where an artist and a producer enter into an agreement for the producer to provide services as a record producer for the artist on a speculative basis. The producer agrees to provide his or her services free of charge to produce a record that will be shopped to record labels to obtain a record deal. The producer will take a percentage of the artist's royalties AND take the amount accrued in recording costs (studio time, beats, etc.) if succesful in obtaining the record deal. The artist would also agree to recommend the producer for the label project or even guarantee a specified number of songs on the artists album.

I know that there is a sticky for contracts at: (great post btw)

However, I don't see a contract for what I need. I am doing a whole album for a group that I want to leverage to get credits, exposure and future earnings, but want to be covered. Can anyone help?


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i feel ya.looks like we need some good lawyers on illmuzik.but i doubt that lawyers are producing in there freetime. proof me iam wrong.lawyers where ya at? lol.


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here is one you can use:


_______________, 199_

Mr. Manager/Producer
The Company
100 Main St.
Somewhere, ST

Dear ________________,

This letter of agreement concerns your representing me as a talent and songwriter. For your services in promoting and representing me, I hereby agree to and guarantee the following:

I. If, as a result of your efforts, I enter into a contract for my services as a recording artist with a major recording concern, I hereby agree to pay you TEN PERCENT (10%) of any and all sales, production, or royalty advances.

a. A major recording concern is herein defined as a company that has gross sales in excess of one million (1,000,000) recordings annually.

b. You will receive an additional payment of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) if any album released under this agreement is certified Gold by the R.I.A.A. (Recording Industry Association of America).

c. You will receive an additional payment of twenty thousand dollars($20,000) above the previously mentioned payment if any album released under this agreement is certified Platinum by the R.I.A.A.

II. If, as a result of your efforts, I enter into a contract with a major management or booking concern, I agree to pay you one and one half percent (1.5%) of the gross income earned in the first two years of said agreement.

a. A major management or booking concern is herein defined as a business which generates gross sales in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000) annually.

III. If, as a result of your efforts, a major recording artist or company releases to the general public, one of my songs, I agree to assign FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of all publishing and copyrights to either ___(Publisher Name)__ ASCAP. or ___(Publisher Name)___ BMI. I will retain all artist and writer credits and royalties.

a. A major recording artist is herein defined as an artist under contract to a recording concern which sells in excess of one million (1,000,000) units annually.

IV. If none of the conditions in sections I, II, and III, come into being by ________________, 199_, this agreement may be made void by my written notification to you of such intent. This agreement shall remain in effect until such notification.

I, hereby agree to and am bound by these terms. I set my name to this Letter the ____________ day of ----------------,199_.



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LOL.. you know you can edit it to your needs..

i found it on the net..i still lookin for another letter for a spec deal i found but deleted the .doc a few days ago..


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here is another one


This document constitutes a letter of agreement between _______________________(Artist), and ________________________(Producer) for the recording and production of the Artist's performances of original material and/or cover material for a demo recording (the "Demo"). This recording is to be distributed to record, management, and publishing companies for the purposes of the Artist's acquiring a recording and/or publishing contract. The Producer and the Artist will use their best efforts to produce this recording at _______________________, or other comparable facilities. In addition, the Producer will aid in the distribution of the recording (the Demo) to the appropriate parties. A fee of $__________ per song will be paid to the Producer upon the signing of the Artist to a recording or publishing contract within the time period of length of time not longer than 7 years. The Artist will pay studio time by actual invoice. These monies will come from the Artist's advances, superceding any prior or future commitments. The Producer will contract for "Spec" time at the recording studios. Studio "spec" time is defined as time that will be paid for by the Artist at a rate of $_____ per hour payable (1) If and when the Artist is signed to any recording and/or publishing contracts or (2) In the event of the mutual termination of this agreement that includes the removal of pre-recorded tapes (the Demo) by the Artist, or agents for the Artist from the Studio. No master tapes or media will be released prior to final payment with the exception of "rough" mixes to the artist for production considerations and finished copies of the demo to be distributed to the appropriate parties. The Artist will also bear the responsibility for payment for all materials to be used for the production of this demo. In the event of a mutual termination of this agreement, that includes the removal of recording media by the Artist or agents for the Artist from the studio, all production fees, as well as the studio billing, must be paid in full. If and when the Artist is signed to a recording contract as a result of the demo tape, the Producer will have the right of first refusal, as producer for the Artist's first two contracted albums at a competitive rate of remuneration for these services. In the event that the record company or the Artist feel that the Producer is not suited to perform these task, this agreement may be terminated for the fee of $_______ per album, for the artist’s first two contracted albums paid by the artist or agents for the artist to the producer.


_______________________ Dated: ___________

_______________________ Dated: ___________

You can also add these in there in you want..

1. I get 3points.
2. I get 10% of publishing of the songs recorded under the agreement.
3. If the band gets a deal, I still get 1.5points if any of the songs are re-recorded.

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