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    Warzone Beat Battle - March 10-11, 2017

    Round 1 was a beast as well as round 2!
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    Beat This! - February 15-16, 2017

    I had an archived beat (5yrs old) with horns that I wasn't able to mix with my new skills. Hopefully the mix wont take away from the track! Fire in this competition!! However, alot of them didn't contain horns, hope that is considered by the voters.
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    Attack of the Beats! - February 13, 2017

    Sup Fade! Thanks for the review, just wanted to let you know that there are no samples on this song. It was all played by me!! And I think if you heard the actual song, you would like the switch in beat! The first part is singing and the second drops into a rap.
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    Showcase - December 5-11, 2016

    I wanted to enter this one in the Battle, y'all better be lucky I didn't!. J/K. The mix is a little shitty but hey! Feedback please!
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    Battle That! - December 7-10, 2016 - Comments & Questions

    Must have been the pc I was on. I was able to listen on my phone.
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    Battle That! - December 7-10, 2016 - Comments & Questions

    Hey all, is anyone having issues listening to the tracks in round 2? I'm getting error incorrect file path on some the brackets. You might want to check that out Fade.
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    Battle That! - December 7-10, 2016 - Comments & Questions

    I have a hard time choosing which beat to enter. I have a lot of styles, however, Some of them I don't think would get attention because its not trap. I do trap though! Good luck to all the contestants.

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