What kind of interface do you have?


Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen

Drago Zetić

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For DJing, a mixer is pretty much a must, a lot better for such a setup and should work well with a PC as a sound card.

I use a Steinberg UR22 MkII for a typical PC-based setup (MIDI controller, headphones, speakers, you know the drill; might post in the setup thread one day). It does just what it's supposed to (2 inputs, 2 outputs, rock solid without noise, records superbly and the drivers work very well) and is a rugged little thing (metal body, weighs about a kilo).

It's pretty much identical to the more well-known Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 at the same price point, but offers more features like a MIDI input and output, better build quality, a knob for the loopback to monitor volume ratio and the option to run it off an independent power supply that it doesn't come with.

Meanwhile, the main pull to the Focusrite is that it looks slicker and has the phantom power toggle on the front (IMO way more convenient than the UR). I've heard that their preamps give a bit of a different colour to the sound, but haven't had a chance to test that out.

If I could recommend anything regarding buying audio interfaces, don't settle for less than a UR22, 2i2 or equivalent - you're going to get worse sound out of the cheaper interfaces that only offer unbalanced output and are generally lower in quality - I can speak from experience of buying a Scarlett Solo out of pure ignorance and getting disappointed.


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I suggest you to use a Sound Card @Fade , because i think mixer is better to be used by bands and orchestras, i guess spending for a mixer is too much, a sound card will do the job for a hip-hop producer.


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@Drago Zetić The Steinberg looks good actually, I just wish it had more inputs.

@ArvinArmani I have a soundcard, I'm just mainly looking for a new mixer because I need more than 2 inputs which is what most interfaces have. A soundcard like that is great if you're using mainly a computer, but with actual gear, I need a mixer.


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Tascam US 2x2... Nothing fancy, had it for a few years, no problems... Mainly use it to record guitar, but also use it with a condenser mic to record acoustic instruments


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I've also always been interested in the Native Instruments Komplete Audio interface... Prob just because it comes with 3GB of Komplete Elements instruments and effects...

Dahmi Mortals

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Whether it's a sound card or mixer, what are you using?

Right now my analog mixer is dying, I need something new but I'm not impressed with what's out there currently. I think everyone is using mainly sound card interfaces...
Try that new Tascam mixer it has great features and only a grand us $1000

Dahmi Mortals

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I use Propellerheads Balance, its discontinued and barely works but its what I'm working with. I am upgrading, I was going to order Merging Technologies but its a bit over kill so I'm buying the Hilo and Burl with some radial DI's for my synths this should suffice for now but I am getting the Horus when I add summing to my chain. I'm just waiting for my truck to be fixed with out any further hickups and then I'm ordering with in the next week or two.
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