Stop googling - Start Thinking


Obash Composer.
Battle Points:
i just realized its been a while since i really thought about something. once there was a time i rarely googled anything like "How to ....." , it was usually about making beats, when i worked for hours to find out how i can work with my DAW and there was No way that i could find the stuff out by myself, but after a while i started searching things like which songs should i sample, how to make dope effects for rap beats and... expecting them to do Miracles for me. and after a while i found myself googling Everything, like how to act like a musician, how to be a good beatmaker, funny and shit like that! so i stopped thinking about stuff in my life for a long while, and i became a dumb fuck. the main point that i never thought about was that No valuable thing exists that is gained easily, if its gained easily, its not valuable. if someone is a good beatmaker, its because he spent Hours working with a daw, writing music BY HIMSELF, if somebody is creative, he has been working Everyday trying to make new things. this googling thing is making us people that our devices want us to be, the website we read an article from makes us become people who are no different from each other. if you have the same problem that i have, just quit googling, i know it's always easier to talk about stuff like this, but the best thing to do is to at least try.
@ArvinArmani Google exists for that reason but even people are too lazy to Google and expect answers to be handed to them. Music is supposed to be made easy by not overthinking the individual parts to create a cohesive vision.