First Produced Single of 2019!!!

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Obash Composer.
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have u uploaded this anywhere other than youtube ? suddenly i can't open any yt vid.

Edit : If you haven't , give me the yt link so i can convert it at


Beat Scientist
*** ill o.g. ***
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Nice track, well done! Is this your crew or you just produced for them?


Obash Composer.
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ahhhh thats hot
u in UAE ? buy a ticket for the stadium to watch Iran play in the AFC Final live ! i'm not sure that there's any ticket left but still...


Audio Magician
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bro holy crap, this is sooo dope. I love that beat, it's sooo mellow. You produce this yourself? Also both your voices fit really well together. Nice job!

Dahmi Mortals

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Good Work, clean. But its a safe mix I would like to hear something more edgy in your mixing decision so that the song sticks with me a little longer after I stop listening. IMO:up2:
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