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RULES! Please read!

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    Why we have these rules

    These rules are simply to help provide an easy, enjoyable Forum for all its members and visitors.

    The rules
    • Post in the correct forum.
    • Try to not post in all caps.
    • Keep your posts on topic.
    • Search before asking a question.
    • Do not post anything illegal, pornographic or anything questionable.
    • Do not spam these forums EVER.
    • Do not harass any other members, or provoke them into any kind of altercation.
    • Do not post anything related to pirated materials (especially Torrents).
    • Do not post or offer copyrighted music (MP3's from someone's album for example).
    • You cannot buy, sell, or trade purchased sound kits or sample CD's from ANY website.
    • Try not to have huge signatures.
    • If you wish to promote your website, just put a link to it in your signature.
    • You cannot "bump" up your posts. If no one has replied to your post, let it be. You can also use the "Subscribe" feature, and subscribe to your thread and be notified when someone has replied.
    • Do not go on a posting "rampage" just to get your total amount of posts up. Doing so might get you BANNED.
    • Do not "page" other members (ex: 'Hey Fade check your email') - this is what Private Messaging is for.
    • Post your beats ONLY in the "Showcase" forum (there are also separate rules for posting beats - read them below). Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted.
    Rules for posting beats
    • Read this thread on how to post your beats.
    • You can only post your beats in the Showcase thread that is already created.
    • If you're looking for feedback, please provide feedback to other people's beats.
    Promoting your beats
    • The Shoutbox is only for casual conversations, like a chat. It is NOT for advertising or posting your beats.

    If you constantly ignore the rules, you will be warned, which may lead to you being banned..
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.