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Paying for chord progression samples, loops, and MIDI?

  1. beatzbyrae


    Oct 31, 2017
    What's up guys and girls, OGbama from loopmasters recommended I ask my question on this forum,

    I am a pianist/producer from Seattle. Looking to create and sell sample packs of some really dope, modern, cutting edge chord progressions/loops for producers like yourselves.

    My questions for you guys are...

    1) How many of you would consider paying for a large pack of dope chord progressions/loops in MIDI /WAV form?

    2) How much would you pay? (for example $19 for 300 progression/loops etc..)

    3) What would deter you from buying a such a thing? (Other than not liking the sounds)

    I plan on using VSTs like Omnisphere2 and providing MIDI along with WAV files. All the samples would be royalty-free and would contain tempo, key, and, loop length (in measures/beats).

    I am very curious in hearing your input. There is a lot of talent here in this forum. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
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  3. NatureRok


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    Sep 15, 2015
    there a bunch of places to get those already.. so they need to be dope in the since that a adrian younge/dj premier kind of guy can chop em as well as trap producer.. has to be stuff for both..imo