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@Fade Thanks a lot for the review. :) I rarely use samples but when I started messing with this one it turned out to be this classical OG type beat :p (of course it's just my point of view). I always put low pass filter on bass but in this particular case I wanted to add some more harmonics so it's a little bit distorted and audible. And maybe in order to make it stand a little bit. But I agree with you that there's always a problem with old/classical samples and as you said it's kinda hard to make them sound coherently with the plugins we have now. At least it's the thing I have to work on. Anyway, one more time thanks for the review. :)


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You're welcome! It's funny because as soon as I heard your beat I thought of when I started with Classical stuff and that's something I hated even though there were tons of great samples. I need to get back into sampling that stuff.

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