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  1. Y-DOLEM

    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

  2. Y-DOLEM

    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    @crosstevsky thanks man i've uploaded the right way... apologies to everyone
  3. Y-DOLEM

    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    Did this one sometime ago, seeking for some reviews before i lace something with it. Groovy Soul
  4. Y-DOLEM

    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    @RizzakBeats for me that a very chilled beat man the melody and the base guitar so calm everything on point for a story to be told and damn the strings on the back ground on that switch the variation is perfect. @dBtheProducer the aggressiveness is dope and the base with the drums i can just...
  5. Y-DOLEM

    Hello to all

    My name is Mduduzi from South africa and im 21 years old. I've just started to a year ago into getting farmiliar with Music producing softwares, to which im using FL and i have managed to mix on some of the sounds. Looking forward to spend most of my times sharing and finding assistance to all.

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