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    Practical Recording Techniques PDF Freebie.
  2. Kontents

    They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll Part 1 - 4

    They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll Part 1 - 4
  3. Kontents

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Michael Brauer

    Old post on SOS, but its a great trick to add to your mixes. Coming from a true pro Michael Brauer.
  4. Kontents

    Curtis Roads Curtis Roads is a composer of electronic and electroacoustic music specializing in granular and pulsar synthesis, author, and computer programmer. He studied composition at the California Institute of the Arts and the University of California, San Diego...
  5. Kontents

    Monitors KRK RP10-3

    KRK RP10-3 3-way Active Studio Monitors. Anyone have any input on these?
  6. Kontents

    Laptop Suggestions

    I am shopping around for a new studio lap top since I only have a desktop at the moment and want to become more mobile for production. Thinking one of these would suffice...
  7. Kontents

    Mackie MCU Pro 8 and Propellerhead

    Has anyone used the Mackie MCU Pro 8 with Reason 5?
  8. Kontents

    Read his lips!

  9. Kontents

    The Origin of Copyright

  10. Kontents

    Anyone else...??

    Anybody else crush on this chick in the ad? I want to touch her faders... if you know what I mean...
  11. Kontents

    Record Industry Braces for Artists’ Battles Over Song

    "When copyright law was revised in the mid-1970s, musicians, like creators of other works of art, were granted “termination rights,” which allow them to regain control of their work after 35 years, so long as they apply at least two years in advance. Recordings from 1978 are the first to fall...
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    30 years of music sales by support.
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    Moar toys! Just check it out and have fun.
  14. Kontents

    Must Own....Musical Furnishings

    YouTube - ‪About Musical Furnishings~‬‏
  15. Kontents

    Exclusive: Jimmy Henchman Associate Admits to Role in Robbery/Shooting of Tupac
  16. Kontents

    Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane ft. Eminem, Royce Da 5'9

    Thoughts on the video? I thought it was dope. I am beginning to see a cartoony style coming out from mainstream. Micki Minaj's videos are similar. Either way... discuss.
  17. Kontents

    Kanye West Finally Unleashes His “Monster” Video
  18. Kontents

    Home Sweet Home (Explicit)
  19. Kontents

    Beyonce Pregame
  20. Kontents

    If you could ask 5 questions....

    If you were given the opportunity to ask 5 questions to a music industry insider *no one specific* What 5 questions come to mind? Be professional in your responses. I know how easy it can be to crack jokes *Relic..*

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