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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #41

    i totally know who beat #3 is hahaha
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    First Produced Single of 2019!!!

    crazy beat, this is some crazy quality you have there, on the mixing side as in the creative part. very smooth
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    I have shit to deal with and this is my therapy.

    like the sound of your bright melody, but like Conspiracy said, bass line kinda off tune, i would even say the melody, when the cutoff is bypassed, is too loud. but you said drunk as fuck haha, so it's okay
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    yeah, he just need some time, he said he has a high stress level
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    Carlo Maria Cordio - "Sudden Death (Aenigma)"

    Thanks a lot. No, it's not a real bass guitar, but i played it via midi-keyboard haha (though i got a bass guitar and record it from time to time)
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    Showcase - January 7-13, 2019

    Hey @Hotfudge , nice to have you here :) I like the mood of the beat. It fits quite good to the title. I would eq the synth strings in the hook a little bit so they will be smoother. They are to harsh somehow (0:55 for example). To Get a nice lofi feeling you could also put a filter on the clap...
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    New Overseas Work Grind!

    Dope, dope, dope. Nothing more to add.
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    Carlo Maria Cordio - "Sudden Death (Aenigma)"

    @Fade @Wesbeats (you made me do it haha) @K-waz Thank you all guys :) Wes, your beat is very dreamy. Feels like a distant memory coming to my mind clearer and clearer. K-waz, your beat is in the beginning like a beat for a king, coming into his palace and everyone bows down. Great job, guys!!
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    Apollo Brown Makes All of His Beats with 20-Year-Old Software

    Yeah, for me it was everytime like: i have to get this to get my beats to a better quality, i have to get that to ease my workflow - all bull. Excuses for procrastinating in learning your tools you have
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    Carlo Maria Cordio - "Sudden Death (Aenigma)"

    Here's my Flip, It's a short version, and again not well mixed. Have a good day guys & girls (if there are any here)
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    Beat This! - October 10-11, 2018

    Man, there are beats which are ham!!!! I had two beats I loved!!! But the one with the tighter kicks got my vote. The other one had such an amazing groove to it but almost no low end, if it where different I would've voted for this one (the one who took that vinyl sounding sample with the rhodes...
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    Beat This! - October 10-11, 2018

    Yes!!! Great Theme!!!
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    @C4NTK33P5T1LL very hard beat! It bothers me a little that your choir is sometimes offbeat. But your baseline is sooo evil (in a good way)! @crosstevsky also a dark beat, i like it! It's interesting that you go an octave down with your staccato in the second part. In my opinion your Synth Pad...
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    Hello :)

    Welcome to the ill :) You'll definitely will get some help here.
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    Deez Beatz is a psychic now

    Congrats @DEEZ BEATZ !!!

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