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    Here's Juneau from The Netherlands

    Welcome @Juneau
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    Off Beat Flows Hot or Nah

    @Silq_Magno it's a trend to new artists 'cause they ain't grow up hearing how to properly engage w/the beat e.g. rappers are to rap w/the beat not over the beat as the voice is an instrument.
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    Zerobeats say Hello

    Welcome @Zerobeats and who's the female? Try to get her onboard on the Ill!
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    What's up everyone

    Welcome @CB Reelz and when did you start w/music?
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    Sticky Welcome to the 2019 ILL!

    Dig the new look!
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    Stop googling - Start Thinking

    @ArvinArmani Google exists for that reason but even people are too lazy to Google and expect answers to be handed to them. Music is supposed to be made easy by not overthinking the individual parts to create a cohesive vision.
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    New Here

    Welcome @brsty. and what instrument(s) and Jazz style(s) do you play? I like Trap beats that leave space for vocals so whatcha got?
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    Im new here, Quick introduction!

    Welcome @Type Beats and how long have you been making music?
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    When did you start making beats ?

    @K-waz when were you an emcee and why did you stop?
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    How The Music Industry Works

    @Fade the one thing I like in this era of music is how people are willing to break down the truth about the business side but people have to want the right info. I am one of those people who wants and values correct info.
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    Welcome @Keef and how long have you been making music?
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    Old dog learning new tricks.

    Welcome @MinD AXioM and do you play any instrument(s)?
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    A Phantom...

    Welcome @T.G.C.A.E. and what's your name an acronym for?
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    Glad I found this Forum

    Welcome @DJ Muhal and I hope you'll enjoy Illmuzik. How long have you been doing either rapping or producing?
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    The beat market is oversaturated

    @DJ Muhal neither rappers or producers take time because we live in an instant gratification society that rewards speed over tact. Everyone wants everything immediately w/no thought to long term anything.

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