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As you can see, there's a brand new look. Let's break it down:
I worked very, very, very hard on this. :p

It took a lot of work to get this together because we were running a very old version of this forum software. The new version was completely re-done so I had to learn this new system which took a while.

2. The default style is dark but you can switch to a lighter version. Just scroll to the very bottom and you'll see "ill dark" in an orange box. Click that, and choose the light version in the popup.


3. The menu is now at the top and everything you need is there. Plus, when you scroll down, the menu stays at the top!

4. The boxes at the top right "account/inbox/alerts/search" are really good and much better than the previous version.

5. You can now post a new thread from the main forum page by clicking on the red button "post thread" at the upper right. You'll then see a popup where you can choose what forum section to post in. This way you don't have to go into the forum section, then post.


6. You can also post a new thread from the top of each forum section! Just enter the title then the message box will show up and you can post.


7. MOBILE! The site looks SO much better on mobile devices now. Check it out.

8. A new shoutbox. This one is much smoother than the previous one. I still have to configure it a bit but so far it's solid.


There are still a few things that I need to fix but it's pretty much just cosmetic. As always, if you see anything weird, please let me know ASAP by sending me a PM.

Enjoy and start posting!

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Now the site looks much more professional than before. Really nice work. :)


Dig the new look!

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