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  1. K-waz

    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #46

    I voted for you to @ArvinArmani because I love that Mobb Deep drum loop and how you built around was cool
  2. K-waz

    Beat This! - March 13-14, 2019

    Too many dope beats it difficult to pick one... I can make a album with this beats
  3. K-waz

    Important Current state of the battles

    @Fade I think how your battles are ran are great. I don't have a issue with that. I just think beginner ear beatmaker vs experience producer is a clash. They (beginners) are not looking at the full texture of a beat. They just hear something and they quickly vote on it and the 808 can be...
  4. K-waz

    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #45

    I finally got another in Beat It Up (#2) with again no props or congrats again in the group lmao smh. I pat myself on the back but thank to those that voted for my beat.
  5. K-waz

    Warzone Beat Battle - March 8-9, 2019

    I wasn't going to enter in the beginning but at the last minute when I seen it was still open I said why not i'll just give it a shot. I'll either win or lose to @DEEZ BEATZ and thats exactly what happen in the second round lmao. From the last time I enter the warzone and other contest that I...
  6. K-waz

    Warzone Beat Battle - March 8-9, 2019

    congrats to @DEEZ BEATZ
  7. K-waz

    Warzone Beat Battle - March 8-9, 2019

    No more warzone battles for me... its been great
  8. K-waz

    Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper

    that's hard!
  9. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    your beat is good. I love the boombap feel to it.
  10. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    your beat is nice. I like your lofi touch. I like your drums but your 808 is a little heavy for this type of beat that you create. A lighter 808 wouldve been better or a 909 kick drum.
  11. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    thank you on your comments you said about my beat. I like your beat its very smooth. Its repetitive but a good repetitive beat. Me and my crew was just freestylin to it
  12. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    thank you for the bday shoutout. I appreciate your input on my beat.
  13. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    :biggrin:thank you
  14. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    you're beat is dope!! Drums and your bassline are dope plus with the hiphop classic vocals of OC. I didnt think anyone remember OC
  15. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    wooow i didn't notice this was the sample to that song.. i probably wouldn't touch it either but too late for me
  16. K-waz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    Here's my version of the sample
  17. K-waz

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    Thank you
  18. K-waz

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    congrats @crog85
  19. K-waz

    this is kakakadu 45 talking to you boi

    Welcome to the IllMuzik Community! Im not a big fan of mumble rap either but its hiphop... its just one section of the many forms of hiphop that out there...
  20. K-waz

    First Produced Single of 2019!!!

    this is dope and I like their flow #nice

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