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    Showcase - March 11-17, 2019

    @madja - You've got a nice melody but it feels like the track never drops in, and when it does I dunno, I feel like I'm nodding my head to the melody. You just need to arrange to a little more I think. @QueDaWizard - You've created a really good atmosphere, I think you should switch up the hi...
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    Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper

    This is sick. The vocal chops are clean af
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    Rubba - "Gypsy Manou"

    Sorry for spamming these. I've been practising heavy flipping samples.
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    I do write still. I have a lot of subject matter. I may do a few tracks but I don't know If I'll ever put them out.
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    Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper

    Had a little go at this one.
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    Real Talk: Are you trying to make a living from your beats?

    1 - UK Drill, Bit of Boom Bap and weird beats where I'm trying to improve my midi skills. 2 - Nothing really, I have a IG page but it's a diary. A few times people have put vocal stems out and I've tried to remix a track on twitter but I know I still have to improve a lot. 3 - Both, would...
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    Gianni Marchetti - "February"

    Couldn't really get any bass to work with this.
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    I made a few beats and used to rap 10 years ago but nothing serious. I've been making beats seriously for about 4 months now, I took January off though.
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    Hi, Just here looking to get better. Someone liked me to the site and I joined to improve. I've been browsing some of the beats posted and I haven't heard a bad beat yet so it might be a while before I start actively posting my stuff. I'll be commenting on others beats and will be trying some...

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