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  1. Dahmi Mortals

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    I did not hear those beats that won, I for sure didn't read up or understand this comp. But congrats to the winner, I like the track but I didn't hear that the first time around. See y'all next comp.
  2. Dahmi Mortals

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    I'm going to leave some feedback while the names haven't been reviled, hope thats ok just want to share some thoughts. #3 is a nice track but the crackle throws me off because the tracks sounds too modern. #4 is great IMO luv to hear something different in skill set. #12 like the change up or...
  3. Dahmi Mortals

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    voted for #? dont want to spoil. but I like 20 and 22, there elect guitar was placed nice with the track, but my vote has elec guitar has most people dont have the elec feel or acoustic guitar. Good tracks tho and mixes as well. Gotta wash my ass and eat BrB. glad I made it to vote.
  4. Dahmi Mortals

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    Sorry to read that brother, hope all is well.
  5. Dahmi Mortals

    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    Interesting, I'm thinking this will mostly be a "splice" type battle. I'll see what cooks up this weekend in my seriously, my studio is in my dinning room and I cook before producing and mixing.
  6. Dahmi Mortals

    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #41

    its out of #2 or #3 imo.
  7. Dahmi Mortals

    New EP mixtape Release!!!

    Ya forsure, I understand that when I critique. Maybe you are different but theres lots of issue I would like to change on my own stuff but I guess thats whats unique about you, for me I am my worst critique.
  8. Dahmi Mortals

    What kind of interface do you have?

    I use Propellerheads Balance, its discontinued and barely works but its what I'm working with. I am upgrading, I was going to order Merging Technologies but its a bit over kill so I'm buying the Hilo and Burl with some radial DI's for my synths this should suffice for now but I am getting the...
  9. Dahmi Mortals

    What kind of interface do you have?

    Try that new Tascam mixer it has great features and only a grand us $1000
  10. Dahmi Mortals

    Hi there

    "BusyBeats"lol. Upload a beat and lets hear. Welcome :up2:
  11. Dahmi Mortals

    Free For Profit Beats

    The word "free" shouldn't exist for work. But its a broad question you're asking, do you mean exclusive to someone then hope they put effort in or your beat is wasted or do you mean like a loan to someone and to others and whoever makes money with it then its theirs? I personally think if you...
  12. Dahmi Mortals

    New EP mixtape Release!!!

    I dig the track and rap but they don't mesh well IMO, maybe do some melodyne to fit vocals with the right timing and energy also some effects like reverb or delay with some flanger on the effects, try some slap on the vocals to keep its presence and still feel glue to the overall track. What do...
  13. Dahmi Mortals

    Showcase - January 28-February 10, 2019

    Its more like "TweakHead" I cant afford to pay my self for the extra time to professionally mix and master my own stuff, I give my self 3hrs total for every thing and don't mix check nothing then for the extra time I cant afford I surf the (I make no since)
  14. Dahmi Mortals

    First Produced Single of 2019!!!

    Good Work, clean. But its a safe mix I would like to hear something more edgy in your mixing decision so that the song sticks with me a little longer after I stop listening. IMO:up2:
  15. Dahmi Mortals

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW!!!

    Barney and friends:biggrin:
  16. Dahmi Mortals

    What's going on...

    Ive learned to bless my suffering, My mental sorrow, pain, and void seems to be endless but something is born again and refreshed because I do die from this but who I become after is so much better and improved from those I lost. You will see the new sparks, ability, and endurance you acquire...
  17. Dahmi Mortals

    Showcase - January 28-February 10, 2019

    dont ever give away your music if someone say your new or noob (thats a hustle), its trendy and no frequencies stands out annoying. These days keep it simple and playable. :up2: Killer vibe, but IMO fix your samples to at-least be on grid or relax just a tad behind.
  18. Dahmi Mortals

    Showcase - January 28-February 10, 2019

    very trendy, just needs some more distortion to fit with the trend a little more and find a rapper or put vocals on...something like, I smack my side bitch cuz she use one bread on my sandwich...I ride wit my main bitch cuz she put two breads on my sandwich...Uno like "Sir Savage the 21rst"
  19. Dahmi Mortals

    Showcase - January 28-February 10, 2019

    lets see if I posted right. Playing around with the "GOD" frequencies and came up with this, "This house is clear"
  20. Dahmi Mortals


    Oui oui, Welcome:up2:

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